Company law and corporate law

Gesellschaftsrecht und Unternehmensrecht

Our consulting services

  • Business start-ups: Comprehensive advice and representation in the start-up and pre-start-up stage as well as in the restructuring and expansion of companies and companies
  • Regulation and enforcement of your corporate law claims
  • Advice to managing directors in legal matters
  • Enforcement and defense against claims for damages against managing directors, members of the supervisory board and shareholders
  • Legal support and advice in the commercial register procedure
  • Advice and support in the dissolution and liquidation stage of companies

If you need legal support in the area of corporate law, corporate law or as a start-up, we will be happy to advise and support you, starting with the establishment, through legal advice and support in day-to-day business, right through to the dissolution and liquidation stage.

Corporate law

Company formation

We support you in choosing the ideal legal form for the company, advise you on the respective advantages and disadvantages and carry out the commercial register procedure for you.

Company formation

Drafting and reviewing articles of association

The articles of association form the foundation and framework of the future business of your company. In accordance with your objectives, we will work with you to design the ideal architecture for your company.

Basic questions to ask when setting up a company:

  1. What is the desired purpose of the company?
    • Which problem should society solve?
  1. What is the appropriate shareholder structure?
    • Who does what, when and what, if not? Who should (not) have which competencies?
  1. How can society – in the worst-case scenario – react as flexibly as possible to changed circumstances?
    • Which safety nets can be built in?

Articles of association: Regular review to ensure that it is up-to-date

Usually, when the company is founded, those involved still think about the content defined in the articles of association and also about the company’s objectives. Then you concentrate on the successful development of the company.

In order to do justice to the constantly changing economic conditions, the architecture of the social contract must be adapted so that the pillars of the company do not crack or even threaten to collapse. A regular review and update, especially of older articles of association, is therefore urgently recommended, as otherwise there is a risk that problems – regularly at an inopportune time – arise.

Common cases of need for adjustment:

  • Changes in the law that create new opportunities and risks for the current structure, from editorial changes to system changes.
  • Changes due to technical progress that simplify the convening, holding or resolution of the shareholders’ meetings, starting with A for holding video conferences (“virtual meetings”) to Z for drawing by electronic signature.
  • Changes in the actual or personal circumstances that make it necessary to adjust voting rights or competencies
  • Changed objectives of the company due to the inclusion of new business fields

Termination and liquidation of the company

We advise and accompany you through all steps of the dissolution and liquidation of the company, starting from the realization of a reason for dissolution through the processing to the deletion from the company register.

Termination and liquidation of the company
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